Invited Talks

Dark Energy in a Dark Age” Lecture Series, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (remote), Korea
Plenary talk on Multi-Messenger AstronomyCosmology at home Conference, Everywhere
Institute of Astronomy and Planetary Science seminar (remote), Universidad de Atacama, Chile
IFAE seminar (remote), Barcelona, Spain
DESI lunch (remote), UC Berkeley, USA
KIPAC seminar, Stanford University, USA

Astrophysics seminar, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA
Astrophysics seminar, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
Dark Energy Experiments, Annual Users meeting, Fermilab, USA video
Cosmology with gravitational waves and galaxy surveys, Gravitational-Wave Advanced Detector Workshop, Isola d’Elba, Italy
Astronomy seminar, Northwestern University, USA
Astrophysics seminar, Rochester University, USA

COSMO seminar, Centro Brasileiro de Pequisas Fisica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dark Universe seminar, Brandeis University, USA
Photometric redshifts for gravitational wave cosmology, Colours of the Universe: photometric redshifts for large scale surveys, Lorentz center, Netherlands
University of Sussex Extragalactic seminar

Electromagnetic follow up of gravitational wave events, UCL Center for Doctoral Training research festival seminar
Brazil LIneA Web seminar, LIneA, (remote) Brazil

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